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Software product supplied by PCTE include dedicated inspection management and documentation software, post processing tools for GPR or Ultrasonic Pulse Echo data and dedicated data processing tools for advanced NDT systems. 

Screening Eagle Inspect


Screening Eagle Inspect is inspection software to document and monitor the conditions of assets and infrastructure. It allows the operator to save all relevant information in the cloud, with precise location on 2D or 3D plans, Satellite Maps or a simple picture or sketches of the location. It is useful for both inspectors and asset owners to monitor structural health, while eliminate the pain of documentation with paper and pen.

Data is collected using customisable templates, simmilar to a check list for each data location. Photos, NDT data, external reports and other data can be stored along with the operators notes. Engineers can generate formatted reports instantly from Inspect software. This helps engineers and inspection companies to increase their productivity and able to take on more projects.

Meanwhile, asset owners can monitor the structural health of their aging assets and plan for maintenance work to ensure public safety with easy access to a condition dashboard for each project. Early maintenance can significantly help to increase your asset life and reduce expansive repair cost.

The benefits of accessing data within your fingertips is endless and invaluable to your assets and infrastructures. It gives you a better understanding on the conditions and allows you to plan necessary maintenance and repair ahead. Thus, protect and prolong the assets and infrastructures.

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